Kabul Diary: Hope and Fissures
3 August 2013

Kabul Diary: Hope and Fissures

Fair Observer published Gateway House, Content Manager, Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy's article Kabul Diary: Hopes and Fissures. In her first Diary entry, she writes about her first impressions and important political developments, such as the break in talks on the Bilateral Security Agreement between Afghanistan and the US.

The Times of India logo Courtesy: The Times of India
24 July 2013

Public policy push at IIM-Ahmedabad

The Times of India mentioned Gateway House Director Ambassador Neelam Deo in its article on a public policy event conducted in IIM Ahmedabad. Neelam was the chief panelist of the symposium 'A Masterclass on Geopolitics and Your Business' which looked at the outlook of corporate India on business possibilities outside India.

modi Courtesy: World Economic Forum/Flickr
23 July 2013

Narendra Modi and the issue of prime ministership

Modi’s popularity within the business community has been based on the perception of his ability for good governance. However, instead of engaging in the complexity of identity politics, business leaders can undertake actions that build immunity against communal tensions

Live Mint_0 Courtesy: LIVEMINT
21 July 2013

Narendra Modi and the issue of prime ministership

Livemint published Gateway House's Fellow Rajni Bakshi's article on Narendra Modi and the issue of prime ministership. She argues that business leaders should build immunity against communal tensions instead of engaging in the complexity of identity politics.

merco press Courtesy: MercoPress - South Atlantic News Agency
20 July 2013

Lessons from India Jindal’s Bolivian investment failure

MercoPress - South Atlantic News Agency republished Ambassador R. Viswanathan's article on the failure of Jindal’s mining and steel project in Bolivia. Ambassador opines that a foreign investment plan should always be corroborated with a proper political risk analysis to ascertain the understanding of local politics and culture.

2point6billion Courtesy: 2point6billion.com
15 July 2013

Can India and China be Friends?

2point6billion.com republished Gateway House's Sameer Patil's review of the book ‘Cinasthana Today: Viewing China from India’. Sameer opines that despite some of its contentious prescriptions, the book is useful for readers as a comprehensive guide to China.

asia_times_logo Courtesy: Asia Times Online
15 July 2013

What the Abbottabad report didn’t reveal

Asia Times Online republished Gateway House Fellow Sameer Patil's article on the controversial leaked report about the US military raid in Abbottabad. He argues that the inability of Pakistani civilian and military institutions to detect Osama Bin Laden's presence reveals the extent of their inefficiency.

Asia times Courtesy: Asia Times Online
29 June 2013

Japan Playing with Fire

Asia Times Online published Gateway House's Michael Burn's Article on Japan Playing with Fire. He argues that newly elected President Shinto Abe has plans to alter the constitution that might lead to a re-armed Japan, with a larger military force.

brazil protests 1 Courtesy: Semilla Luz/ Flickr
27 June 2013

Brazil’s upwardly mobile revolution

Brasilia seems to have responded fairly to the mass protests in the country. However, the issue of corruption is the most resonant of the protester’s grievances and must be addressed. Real political and economic reforms also need to be put in place, especially in the areas of education and health.