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26 June 2014

Shootings at Peshawar airport

Sameer Patil, Associate National Security Fellow at Gateway House, comments on the terror attack on a civilian plane at the Peshawar International Airport in Pakistan.

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26 June 2014

Modi: Charting a New Foreign Policy Course

India Briefing republished an article by Seema Sirohi, Gateway House's Washington-based analyst, on how Narendra Modi’s first month in office has seen him handle India’s neighbours, accept an invitation to visit Washington, enhance relations with Bhutan and step up interactions with China

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24 June 2014

Brazil in comparison to the other major powers – A view from India

Brazil Institute published an article by R. Viswanathan, Distinguished Fellow, Latin America Studies and the former Indian Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, on various challenges and opportunities in front of the Latin American giants

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24 June 2014

BRICS Summit: What will be on the table

The 6th BRICS summit is slated to be held in Brazil from July 15. Akshay Mathur, head of research, was interviewed by the Special Broadcasting Service, an Australian public broadcasting radio and television network, on what India will bring to the discussion table

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20 June 2014

In Business: Iraq Crisis: India’s Oil Story Hampered?

Manjeet Kripalani, co-founder, Gateway House, was interviewed by Bloomberg TV on how the escalating crisis in Iraq, seen as a fallout of sectarian strife is likely to impact India in the weeks ahead

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20 June 2014

Violence in Iraq: what does it mean for India?

Manjeet Kripalani, co-founder, Gateway House, was interviewed by Boom News for her views on the relationship between India and Iraq with focus on the ongoing strife in the Middle eastern country and the abduction of 40 Indians