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16 April 2012, The Daily Star

India sours for foreign investors

Gateway House's Director Manjeet Kripalani was quoted in The Daily Star, a newspaper in Bangladesh, about foreign investment in India. She gives her opinion on the government's tax policy for foreign investors in India and the inefficient reform process.

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Business consultant Adrian Mutton says it takes courage for a foreign corporation to make a big-ticket investment in India given the uncertainties thrown up by capricious twists in government policy.

Companies have long griped about India’s byzantine rules and suffocating bureaucracy but recent policy flip-flops have further soured the investor mood.

“You have got to be a pretty brave CEO to gamble on a major investment decision in India especially if you think that decision may be overturned,” says Mutton, who heads India-based Sannam S4, a consultancy which helps firms enter India.


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