Yogendra Kumar

former Indian Ambassador

Ambassador Yogendra Kumar retired from diplomatic service in 2012 in the rank of secretary, equivalent to vice minister, in the government of India. He has been ambassador to the Philippines, with concurrent accreditation to Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands. Earlier, he was head of the Indian mission in Namibia and in Tajikistan (2000–03), during which period he also handled India’s policy towards Afghanistan. He has also been Consul General in Tashkent covering the entire Soviet Central Asia. He has served in the Indian diplomatic missions in Moscow, London, Islamabad and Brussels. In Delhi, he has served on the faculty of National Defence College. At the foreign office, he has handled relations with Sri Lanka, Maldives, Soviet Union, Central Asian countries and with numerous multilateral economic organisations. He has most recently authored, a book titled, 'Diplomatic Dimension of Maritime Challenges for India in the 21st Century', and a book titled, 'Whither Indian Ocean Maritime Order?'

Recent projects

malabar-2 Courtesy: PTI
3 August 2017 Gateway House

Malabar 2017’s geostrategic dimensions

The historical evolution of the Malabar Exercise and the currently fraught relations between the participating countries and China created a much sharper context for the event, with the Chinese evincing a heightened interest in it