Sumru Altug

Professor and Chair, Department of Economics, The American University of Beirut


Macroeconomic Analysis, Business Cycles, Structural Econometrics

Last modified: November 4, 2019

Recent projects

IMG-20191024-WA0003 Courtesy: Asad Lalljee
24 October 2019 Gateway House

A Lebanese Spring

Lebanon has been the scene of some of the biggest mass protests through the month of October. They arose in response to cumulative economic crises due to low economic growth and the government’s controversial austerity measures. But can they also be seen as an awakening of Lebanese society to the need for a more equitable political and social discourse?
shutterstock_1330442825 Courtesy: Shutterstock
15 August 2019 Gateway House

Sequencing Governance and Economic Growth

The Narendra Modi government came to power in India in 2014, promising "minimum government, maximum governance". Its roll-out of numerous government schemes meant that democracy and governance came before economic growth. But it returned Modi to power.Analysing the current debate on growth and governance the author explores how the sequencing of governance and economic outcomes is different in China, Turkey and India