Prakhar Bhardwaj

Prakhar Bhardwaj is a Senior Research Fellow at CTIL. Before joining CTIL, Prakhar worked for two years at Khaitan & Co and one year at AZB & Partners, New Delhi. He graduated from National Law University, Jodhpur in 2015 with a specialization in International Trade and Investment Law. During his time at the law school, he was also a part of the Editorial Board of Trade, Law and Development, the flagship law journal of NLU Jodhpur as an Associate Editor, Senior Content Editor, and the Editor-in-Chief.

Recent projects

wto Courtesy: World Trade Organisation
20 June 2019 Gateway House

Crisis in the WTO Appellate Body

The imminent expiration of the terms of some members of the WTO Appellate Body, with neither any signs of their extension nor appointments being made afresh, suggests that this crisis will intensify. An analysis of all that ails the WTO Appellate Body, and the implications this has for India and the multilateral trading system