Parth Shah

Parth Shah

Founder President, Centre for Civil Socitey

Parth J. Shah is founder president of the Centre for Civil Society, an independent, liberal think tank in New Delhi. Parth taught economics at the University of Michigan before returning to India to start CCS. He has published academic articles in the areas of development economics, welfare economics, business-cycle theory, free or laissez-faire banking, and currency-board systems. He has edited Morality of MarketsFriedman on India, Profiles in Courage: Dissent on Indian SocialismDo Corporations have Social Responsibility?, and co-edited Law, Liberty, and LivelihoodThe Terracotta Reader, and Agenda for Change. He writes regularly in newspapers and magazines.

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Ph. D. (Economics), Auburn University; B. Pharm. (Pharmacy), M. S. University, Baroda


Economics, Public Policy

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Inclusive growth means inclusive reforms and equity in economic freedom, which empowers the formal sector as well as the huge informal sector in India. In the social sector, the government must fund beneficiaries, while in the political domain the ‘ruled’ and the ‘rulers’ must be equal