Nandini Bhaskaran

Nandini Bhaskaran worked as a copy editor with Gateway House. A journalist with over 15 years of full-time experience, she has been with the Times group and Business India magazine, among other publications. She has also edited books, including biographies and fiction, and research papers on the environment and sustainable architecture.

Recent projects

A Biluchi Soldier and Hindu Trader of Sindh Courtesy:
24 August 2017 Gateway House

The making of Bombay’s mini Sindh

Many of the Hindu Sindhi refugees who fled to India post Partition succeeded in rebuilding their lives afresh, their native entrepreneurial spirit enabling them to rise up from the destitution that displacement caused. Ulhasnagar, Thane district, which was a refugee camp 70 years ago, is a microcosm of how the community rehabilitated itself--with the help of a well dispersed and generous Sindhi trading network