Heba Salaheldin Elmarassai

Dr. Heba Salaheldin Elmarassai is the Ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt to India. She has served as the Ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt to Cyprus, and to Bulgaria. She has also served in the Embassy of Egypt in Brussels. While at the Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has held various positions including that of Assistant Foreign Minister for Cultural Relations, and Director of Institute for Diplomatic Studies. She started her career as a Diplomat at the Economic Department and went on to serve as Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for International Politics and Disarmament Affairs, Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs and Migration, and Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for European Affairs. She is a graduate in Political Science from American University in Cairo, and a Candidate of Science from Prague School of Economics. She speaks English and French.

Recent projects

DSC_0155 Courtesy: Gateway House
25 April 2019 Gateway House

Egypt, India’s Africa pivot

Egypt, which is the 2019 chair of the African Union, is critically positioned to exert a geostrategic influence across Africa. In a conversation with Gateway House, Egyptian ambassador to India, Dr Heba Salaheldin Elmarassi, spoke on a wide range of issues that link India and Egypt, including trade, investment and security, North Africa’s political turbulence and the expanding Chinese footprint in the continent