Gaurie Dwivedi

Gaurie Dwivedi

Ms. Gaurie Dwivedi is a seasoned journalist, author and a classical dancer.

She has worked in all major print and broadcast media companies like The Economic Times, Business Standard and The Sunday Guardian. With over 16 years of experience, Gaurie has developed insights over a variety of issues ranging from public policy to diplomacy. She was part of the senior editorial team that launched ET Now- India’s leading channel.

She is presently associated with two major think tanks in India, the United Services Institution of India (USI) and India Foundation, where she has been writing and speaking on issues related to strategic and security affairs; and geo-economics.

Her first book ‘Blinkers Off- How Will The World Counter China’ was released in August and has been well received and extensively reviewed. The book provides a roadmap to address the non-military and new age challenges that a rising China presents to the world.

She writes regular columns in the Times of India, Daily Pioneer and appears on several national channels. She has also spoken on discussions hosted by Hudson Institute and RAND Corporation.

Gaurie is also a trained classical dancer and is empanelled by Govt. of India as an outstanding artist.

Recent projects

The China-Pakistan-Taliban-Iran nexus Courtesy: Xinhua
11 November 2021 Gateway House

The China-Pakistan-Taliban-Iran nexus

China has followed Sun Tzu’s strategy of focussing on alliances - building its own and weakening those of its adversaries. Beijing’s carefully nurtured formations in West and Central Asia are part of this global power projection, especially with Pakistan, Iran and now, the Taliban, through projects like the Belt and Road Initiative. India must recalibrate its China policy and push for concerted regional responses to emerge as a balancing force against it.