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FA NovDec 2016 Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
30 November 2016 Foreign Affairs

How to Succeed in the Networked World

Foreign policy experts have long been taught to see the world as a chessboard, analyzing the decisions of great powers and anticipating rival states’ reactions in a continual game of strategic advantage.

FA SeptOct 2016 Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
30 September 2016 Foreign Affairs

How to Fix Brazil

Brazil has rarely had it so bad. The country’s economy has collapsed: since 2013, its unemployment rate has nearly doubled, to more than 11 percent, and last year its GDP shrank by 3.8 percent, the largest contraction in a quarter century.

mj16_cover_big Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
29 July 2016 Foreign Affairs

Germany’s New Global Role

Over the past two decades, Germany’s global role has undergone a remarkable transformation. Following its peaceful reunification in 1990, Germany was on track to become an economic giant that had little in the way of foreign policy.

mj16_cover_small Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
29 May 2016 Foreign Affairs

The Age of Transparency

The push for ubiquitous surveillance may, oddly enough, result in greater transparency of state practices as the gaps between rhetoric and reality become more visible.

ma16_cover_sub_small Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
31 March 2016 Foreign Affairs

Can Central Banks Goose Growth?

In order to avoid the next economic downturn, bold action needs to be taken by the world's central bankers and policymakers.

jf16_cover_sub Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
17 February 2016 Foreign Affairs

How China Sees Russia

Beijing and Moscow are close, but 
not allies. Scholars and journalists in the West find themselves debating the nature of the Chinese-Russian partnership and wondering whether it will evolve into an alliance.

nd15_cover_copy Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
16 November 2015 Foreign Affairs

A Windfall for Iran?

As Iran enters its new economic status quo, the question arises as to whether the nation will realise its potential by opening itself up to the world, or whether the elite will stifle global engagement.

so15_cover_high_res Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
25 August 2015 Foreign Affairs

An Unworthy Ally

Despite the unwavering support for their South Asian ally for more than 20 years, it time for the United States to bid farewell to Pakistan.

Hi Roboto_FA Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
27 July 2015 Foreign Affairs

China’s Soft-Power Push: The Search for Respect

As China goes global it is making a concerted effort at improving its international image and boosting its soft power. But is this strategy translating into an improvement of its soft power quotient?

China Now Courtesy: Foreign Affairs
4 May 2015

Embracing China’s “New Normal”

It is clear by now that China’s economy is set to slow in the years to come, although economists disagree about how much and for how long.