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29 August 2018 Foreign Affairs

The People’s Authoritarian

The psychology of Putin, the ideology of his regime, and the machinery received exhaustive attention in the West. The Russian people, however, remain poorly understood.

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31 May 2018 Foreign Affairs

Autocracy With Chinese Characteristics

"Sooner or later this economy will slow,” the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman declared of China in 1998. He continued: “That’s when China will need a government that is legitimate."

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31 March 2018 Foreign Affairs

The Post-American World Economy

In the aftermath of World War II, the United States set about building a global, rules-based economic order.

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1 February 2018 Foreign Affairs

Macron’s World

In 2015, before resigning his position as economy minister in President François Hollande’s government, Emmanuel Macron explained his idea of French democracy

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30 November 2017 Foreign Affairs

Why Military Assistance Programs Disappoint

Since the end of World War II, U.S. administrations of both parties have relied on a time-honored foreign policy tool: training and equipping foreign militaries.

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5 October 2017 Foreign Affairs

Pay Up, Europe

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has a point about Europe and NATO.

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7 July 2017 Foreign Affairs

Start-Up Palestine

For decades, Israeli and Palestinian politicians have pursued a political solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, only to see their hopes dashed again and again.

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4 May 2017 Foreign Affairs

The Boom Was a Blip

The global recovery from the Great Recession of 2009 has just entered its eighth year and shows few signs of fading.

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6 April 2017 Foreign Affairs

China’s Great Awakening

For decades, outsiders have thought of China as a country where religion and faith play marginal roles.

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31 January 2017 Foreign Affairs

Will the Liberal Order Survive?

During the nineteenth century, the United States played a minor role in the global balance of power.