Amrita Menon

Amrita Menon graduated from Sophia College, University of Mumbai with a BA in History. She completed the LAMP Fellowship in 2019 where she served as a Legislative and Research Assistant to a Member of Parliament. She has a keen interest in international relations and public policy.

Recent projects

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16 January 2020 Gateway House

NEST-ling new tech in foreign policy

The recently announced New and Emerging Strategic Technologies (NEST) Division of India’s Ministry of External Affairs is timely. It can become vital for India’s national technosecurity in the imminent Fourth Industrial Age if a new Cabinet Committee on Futuristic Science and Technologies is established along with it
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14 November 2019 Gateway House

U.S. law tackles Chinese investments

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is an inter-agency body which reviews in-bound foreign investments for their impact on national security. The Treasury Department recently proposed draft regulations, strengthening it. An analysis of the effect these amendments have had – and their applicability in an Indian context