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9 November 2016,

U.S. Elections: The Celebrity POTUS

Last night, the United States voted Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States. The result reflected a similar degree of shock which previously accompanied the Brexit earlier in 2016. Ambassador Neelam Deo, in the final episode of our special podcast series, discusses what happened last night and what tomorrow will hold.

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In the final episode of this podcast mini-series on the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, Ambassador Neelam Deo, Director at Gateway House, analyses the outcome of the much awaited election. Listen in to learn more about how Trump came out on top and the broader implications of his victory.  ​


(1:30) The underestimation of hidden votes throughout the campaign and election
(4:00) The unexpected vote of the African-American and Hispanic voters
(6:55) Trump and the internal Republican battle
(9:45) The eroding trust in experts and media globally
(12:45) Trump and the white vote
(18:40) Impact of Trump’s election on global stability
(20:45) The likely Trump-Modi equation

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Hosted by Virpratap Vikram Singh, Website Content Manager, Gateway House

Produced by Arjun Chawla, Researcher, Gateway House and Virpratap Vikram Singh, Website Content Manager, Gateway House


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