Outlook-India-logo_0 Courtesy: Outlook India
17 June 2013

The Code Breaker

Outlook India, a news and analysis website, quoted Gateway House's Executive Director Manjeet Kripalani in its article on the return of Narayana Murthy at Infosys. She opines that if the Murthys wanted to protect their stake, they could have chosen other ways to do so.

mohanpai 2 Courtesy: T. V. Mohandas Pai
3 June 2013

“Government needs a partnership with our private sector”

The recent crisis at Infosys suggests that corporate governance in India’s IT sector has been slipping. Gateway House talks to T.V. Mohandas Pai, former CFO of the company, about what the Indian IT industry and the government can do to raise global competitiveness and remain recognised as centers of innovation