us asean Courtesy: ASEAN
17 May 2022

Is the U.S. central or peripheral to ASEAN?

The recent ASEAN-US Special Summit convened on 12-13 May has raised this relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership. The forthcoming QUAD Summit and the ASEAN countries chairing economic regional summit for the next two years makes the U.S. more attentive and affirmative about its relationship in the region, even though it approached the summit with a disparate idea of discussing Ukraine.

kcmodi0312_0 Courtesy: Flickr/MEA
28 November 2019

Assessing the 35th ASEAN Summit

The 35th summit of the Association of South East Asian Nations, held in Bangkok early in November, showed that a shifting geostrategic landscape notwithstanding, “ASEAN centrality” in the region is a top priority with members. It also served as a backdrop for three summits that ASEAN held on November 4 with China, U.S. and India