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12 October 2016,

U.S. Elections: Trump’s down, but not out

Sunday's second U.S. Presidential Debate finally saw energy enter the political discussion, with much of the debate revolving around the new centerpiece of terrorism, viewers got a deeper insight into the candidates understanding of foreign policy. Ambassador Neelam Deo breaks down the responses and their geopolitical implications and answers the question on everyone's mind, is the Trump campaign over?

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In the tenth episode of this podcast mini-series on the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, Ambassador Neelam Deo, Director at Gateway House, analyses the second presidential debate. Listen in to learn more about the about the derailment of the Trump campaign, foreign policy implications of U.S’s proposed energy independence policy, and the validity in the candidates’ plans to counter ISIS.


(1:40) The impact of U.S.’s energy independence policy
(2:20) The real issue behind the coal debate
(5:55) Diverging policies in Syria and ISIS
(7:40) The contrary objectives of parties involved in Syria
(10:30) The current status of U.S.-Russia relations
(14:00) The damage done and way forward for the Trump campaign
(17:45) The likely voter turnout and its impact on the election outcome

In the next episode, Ambassador Deo will be discussing the 3rd and final U.S. Presidential Debate.

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