egypt Courtesy: oxfamnovib/Flickr
18 July 2013

Protests in democracies – patterns and problems

Elections are meant to be a suitable recourse in democracies if citizens feel that the government does not represent them. However, the recent protests in Brazil, Turkey and India show that people feel political classes are too far removed from their every day realities to address their grievances

US Economy Courtesy: Ed Gaillard/Flickr
23 April 2013

U.S. economy: The have-nots said so

Following the 2008 mortgage crash, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board implemented a quantitative easing policy – to stabilise the banks, and rejuvenate the economic environment. Although this strategy has brought some respite, it has done so without creating many new jobs for Americans.

fair observer_3 Courtesy: Fair Observer
13 August 2012

India’s Wounded Democracy

Fair Observer republished Sudeep Chakravarti's article on the internal health of India's democratic system. He argues that although India's foreign policy prowess is growing, the smooth functioning of our democracy is threatened by poverty, corruption and displacement - issues that need to be addressed promptly.

naxal_0 Courtesy: naxaliterage
9 August 2012

A wounded democracy

India's foreign policy prowess may be growing, but it is governed by the nation's internal health - which is riddled with poverty, corruption and displacement. Such vulnerabilities can threaten the smooth functioning of our democracy, and need to be addressed promptly.