scada Courtesy: Green_Mamba/Flickr
17 June 2014

India’s vulnerable SCADA systems

Critical infrastructure in India, including oil pipelines, dams and steel plants, is susceptible to cyber attacks because of outdated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems, which manage their operations. A cyber attack on these systems can be devastating. It is imperative for India to take counter-measures

cargonews Courtesy:
13 June 2014

Call to set up ports corridor along India’s East Coast

Manjeet Kripalani, co-Founder, Gateway House, was interviewed by Cargonews Asia on the steps the new Indian government needs to take to enhance trade and economic ties with countries in east Asia

IB Courtesy:
13 June 2014

Positive Takeaways from Modi-Wang Meet

Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House, was interviewed by the International Business Times on the India China bilateral in the context of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to India

seattle times Courtesy:
13 June 2014

New Indian prime minister inherits trade tension with U.S

Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House, was interviewed by The Seattle Times on the current state of the India-U.S bilateral and how Prime Minister Modi is likely to proceed in his dealings with the United States

phayul Courtesy: Phayul
13 June 2014

Narendra Modi and the Tibetan hopes

Gateway House co-Founder Manjeet Kripalani's interview with geo-strategist M.D Nalapat on Narendra Modi's foreign policy priorities was quoted in an article in the Tibetan online news site

eurasia review Courtesy:
13 June 2014

Agenda for India-Latin America – Analysis

Eurasia Review republished an article written by R. Viswanathan, Distinguished Fellow, Latin American Studies, Gateway House on the immediate steps the new Indian government must take to reinvigorate trade relations with Latin America

bloomberg Courtesy:
13 June 2014

Airport Bloodshed Shows Wide Split on Pakistan’s Future

Sameer Patil, Associate Fellow, National Security, Gateway House, was interviewed by Bloomberg Businessweek after the terror attack at Karachi airport. In the article he talks about the implications of the split within the Pakistani Taliban.