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25 May 2015, Gateway House

Modi one year: foreign policy review (podcast)

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first year in office draws to a close, Neelam Deo, Director of Gateway House and former Ambassador, analyses the various facets of his foreign policy so far and outlines his foreign policy successes and failures. 

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Modi’s foreign policy

Neelam Deo: “Mutli-alignment has been forced on all countries as the global setting has changed… just as Modi has sought to balance the a a strategic partnership with the U.S. and an economic partnership with China, other countries are also becoming pluri-lateral and in that sense India has moved quite well, faster with Modi, but also in patterns that the previous government under PM Manmohan Singh had begun.”

Neelam Deo: “Modi as not tried to craft a new foreign policy, but has infused a level of energy and confidence in his outreach which is a new development… the number of foreign visits have taken foreign policy to a new level, Modi has visited countries like Canada, Nepal or Sri Lanka, where no Indian prime minister had been for decades.”

Foreign policy successes 

Neelam Deo: “The agreement signed with Bangladesh to conclude the Land Boundary Agreement is very significant because, along with improved relations with Nepal and Sri Lanka, it is changing India’s positioning in its own neighbourhood, even if Pakistan remains hostile.”

Foreign policy failures

Neelam Deo: “The outreach to Pakistan has certainly not succeeded. There will have to be a decision to be taken on the level of consistency in policy with respect to Pakistan.”

Energy Security 

Neelam Deo: “His visits to the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia, these were in search of making an expansion of nuclear energy possible…getting the technology and also seeking Uranium supplies.”

Looking ahead

Neelam Deo: ” The next few years will need doubling down on reforming domestic procedures in order to receive the investment that has been attracted… funds will only flow in when reforms with regard to land acquisition, labour, among others, are implemented.”

Hosted by Dev Lewis, Digital Media and Content Coordinator, Gateway House

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