Thursday, 27 January 2022

In 2022, India will be host to the G20, or Group of 20 nations, the world’s most influential economic multilateral forum.

The current G20 leaders-level dialogue came into being during the western financial crisis of 2008, when the G8 countries invited the leaders of the large developing economies, including India and China, to help power their way out of the crisis.

For countries like India, the G20 is a unique global institution, where developed and developing countries have equal stature. Here, the latter can display their global political, economic and intellectual leadership on a par with the world’s most powerful countries. It is the agenda-setting body that guides the international financial institutions and global standard-setting body that develops and enforces rules of global economic governance.

The G20 has a rotating presidency and secretariat, ensuring that no country dominates the agenda. Instead, the G20 host sets the agenda for the year, wielding vast direct and indirect influence. Managing this process from inception to fruition showcases a country’s talent and administrative ability.

This holds both opportunities and challenges for India: the opportunity to set the global economic governance agenda and make it inclusive, and the challenge of taking on the massive task as G20 President in 2022. Read More


Gateway House hosted the T20 roundtable discussions during the 2019 Japanese presidency in collaboration with the officially designated Japanese T20 think tanks. This was the only meeting held outside Japan in 2019.


Gateway House hosted the T20 roundtable discussions during the 2018 Argentine presidency. The meetings in Mumbai were an important indicator of the intellectual partnership and shared research objectives between Argentine and Indian think tanks.


Gateway House hosted the T20 roundtable discussions during the 2017 German presidency. The core vision for G20 2017 was Resilience, Sustainability and Responsibility and covered issues such as financial market regulation, fin-tech, trade and investment, digitization, healthcare, migration and agriculture.


The Gateway House hosted the T20 roundtable discussions during the 2016 Chinese presidency. The T20 meetings saw the attendance of more than 20 different Think Tanks from across the world.


Gateway House hosted the first T20 regional consultation meeting on “Turkey, India and G20″ during the 2015 Turkish presidency. Think tank experts from Turkey, India, China and Australia, business experts from India and diplomatic representatives from the G20 countries discussed issues concerning the G20.


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