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Indian American times Courtesy: The Indian American Times
23 September 2015

Modi’s US Visit: Byte But No BIT

Rajrishi Singhal's article 'Modi’s US Visit: Byte But No BIT' was republished by The Indian American Times

reuters Courtesy: Reuters
23 September 2015

Neelam Deo on Modi’s U.S. trip

Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House, was quoted by Reuters in an article 'Modi eyes Silicon Valley on U.S. trip as euphoria fades.'

Political Indian Courtesy:
22 September 2015

Will Modi Actualize the India-US Dream?

Nishith Acharya's article ' Will Modi actualise the India-U.S. dream?' was republished by the Indian American Times and The Political Indian.

eurasia review Courtesy:
17 September 2015

Patel vs. Patel

'Patel vs. Patel' by Seema Sirohi was republished by Eurasia Review.

cctv Courtesy: CCTV
16 September 2015

Akshay Mathur at Think20 Workshop

Akshay Mathur appeared on CCTV to discuss his views on the Chinese real economy while at the Think20 Workshop in Ankara.