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4 September 2014, Business World

Political push drives India’s investment in Nepal

Amit Bhandari, Energy & Environment Fellow, Gateway House was quoted in a report by Business World on Nepal's potential to supply hydropower to India

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The political momentum generated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent Nepal visit has resulted in India Inc lining up a series of investments in the Himalayan kingdom.

The thrust for new investments has been created by a combination of improved political climate in that country and the $1 billion soft loan facility that the government of India has announced for investments in Nepal.

“Indian investments in Nepal are now welcome across the board. I see a large uptrend as Nepal stabilises and gets its house in order to get investments, with power and tourism attracting the prime investments. There is defiantly a growing Indian appetite for investments in Nepal,” said Pradip Jung Pandey, president of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI).