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6 October 2012, The Indian Express

The Outside Insider

The Indian Express quoted Gateway House's Manjeet Kripalani in its article on Tim Sebastian's new show 'The Outsider' which features debates on topics like corruption. She argues that corruption is led by the corporate elite who walk hand in hand with the politicians.

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Tim Sebastian’s new show on Bloomberg UTV, The Outsider, is situated in a space largely unknown to us. It’s debate TV, a pleasant change from the Indian flavour of talk TV. We interpret the verb ‘to talk’ a little too liberally, giving participants and anchors the licence to use every means short of lethal force to push their agendas. Our shows have no clearly defined motion, only leading questions, allegations and vague arguments to morality that the anchor flings at the guests, usually in a high-pitched, hectoring tone of voice. Led on by this bad behaviour, the guests respond in like measure and the talk show degenerates into a shoutcast.

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