12 November 2011

India-Canada: Catalyst in a Global Crisis?

India-Canada: Catalyst in a Global Crisis?

Gateway House hosted an event at The Four Seasons focused on Indo-Canada relations featuring British Columbian Premier Christy Clark.

Premier Clark spoke extensively about the relevance of India’s role in shaping the economic climate, and the need for our country to engage Canada and the Western World on matters of renewable energy, financial stability and education. She emphasized the need for Indian investment in Canadian Natural Resources for the development of alternate energy, as well as the use of Canadian scientific skills and manpower in providing solutions to the growing energy deficit that the world is facing.

She also talked about the safe haven and educational opportunities that Canadian Universities can provide to international students, particularly those from India. She therefore invited prospective students and their parents to carefully consider the vast range of universities within the country that rank amongst the top few in the entire North American region.

Apart from social and cultural factors that make up a salient part of the bilateral relationship that India shares with Canada, Premier Clark eloquently stated the fact that Canadian Banks and financial companies were some of the few institutions that remained unshaken by the international financial crisis. The ability of Canadian markets to weather the storm of a debt crisis that has hit nearly every country across the globe proves that it is one of the safest places for Indian businesses to invest their money, especially within the coming years.

Finally, there was a brief question and answer session that concluded the event where the panelists spoke about the positive trajectory that India’s economy is on, and that the growth of the country is dependent upon the level of international co-operation that it is willing to develop. Canada is certainly a country that is willing to facilitate a strong and lasting relationship with both India’s government, as well as its private sector, and Canada hopes to witness a phenomenal exchange of ideas and wealth with ours in the near future.