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26 November 2011, Gateway House

26/11 Reflections

In this compendium of essays, Gateway House examines the terrorist attack carried out on Mumbai on 26 November 2008, and its aftermath.

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By Manjeet Kripalani, Executive Director, Gateway House

It has been three years since 26th November, when terrorists attacked Mumbai’s monuments and its self-esteem. Life has resumed for the Mumbaikar, as always. But many questions remain, unanswered. Gateway House has attempted to analyse the event and its aftermath. We asked experts and ordinary individuals from around the world to bring in their unique perspectives. In a series of 13 essays, we examine the following: How did the ordinary Pakistani feel as she/he watched the towers of the Taj burn? Why didn’t the United Nations respond to 26/11 the way it did after 9/11? Should New York heed the warning of 26/11? What does Washington’s double-standards in South Asia mean for us? Should we change our strategy on Pakistan – or is it now the right time for Pakistan to change its strategy towards us? Are we better equipped in terms of defence equipment and maritime security? What can our security structures learn from our corporations? Are we entitled to the Right to Security, the way we are to education and food? What are the human rights of terrorism’s victims? Have we really cared for those who suffered on account of terrorism? Why is justice so delayed in India and what does it mean for terrorism?

You can download the PDF version of this compendium, here.

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