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The Outsider Debates

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The Outsider

Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations is the official knowledge partner for ‘The Outsider’ debates. It’s a part of our continuing contribution towards encouraging intellectual debate on issues of national and international importance, in India.

The research for this initiative was led by Gateway House’s Media Fellow, Nandini Lakshman, and her team.

Hosted by award-winning television journalist, Tim Sebastian, The Outsider, is a televised debating programme which will take a fresh look at key political and social issues affecting the country.

A controversial motion will be at the centre of each debate. Speakers will argue either for or against the motion as they try to convince an audience of 150 people, mostly youth, to vote for them.

Apart from letting some of the country’s notable academicians, businessmen, politicians, and activists voice their opinion, and defend it, The Outsider will give an opportunity to the country’s youth- from the audience – to express their views on the topics. The audience will play a significant role putting forth their questions, and entering into a debate with the speakers.

The episodes will be aired at 8:00 pm on Saturdays, on Bloomberg TV India.

Re-runs of the episodes will be telecast on Sundays, at 9: 00 pm, and on Wednesdays, at 10:30 pm.

Listed below are the episodes in the order of their telecast. Click on the links to watch the debates online:

1. Politics should no longer be a family business: Part I; Part II

2. India is no place for women: Part I; Part II

3. There is no honest business in India: Part I; Part II

4. India is ripe for revolution: Part I; Part II

5. India is mean: Part I; Part II

6. Education is sinking in India: Watch online

7. Is India’s justice system failing?: Watch online

8. Is India more unequal than ever?: Watch online

9. Free speech under serious threat in India?: Watch online

10. India has no confidence in its leading politicians: Watch online

11. India should be ashamed of its record in Kashmir: Watch online

12. Special: India-Pakistan relations, with Jaswant Singh, Former Indian Foreign Minister and General Pervez Musharraf, Former President, Pakistan: More info

To read more on the debates, click here.


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