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A weaker, more belligerent China?

Taiwan Courtesy: Foreign Affairs

All doesn’t seem to be well with the mandate of heaven. China’s economy seems to be facing several issues with trouble in the key real estate, banking and technology industries. This could explain China’s sabre-rattling over U.S. House of Representative’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan . With the economy a mess, ‘protecting core interests’ offers the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) a way to look good to its domestic audience, and divert attention from pressing problems at home. read more

A fruitful SCO foreign ministers’ meet

sco meeting pngf Courtesy: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kazakhstan

The Council of Foreign Ministers Meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on 27-28 July 2022. The meeting was convened by Uzbekistan, which holds the rotating presidency of SCO in 2022. Foreign ministers of eight member states - China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan - participated in various sessions at the meeting. The meeting was a precursor to the annual SCO Summit to be held in Samarkand in September – a particularly important gathering this year. read more

India’s cybersecurity and its impact on the economy

cybersecurity india Courtesy: The Economic Times

India has witnessed rapid digitalization in almost all spheres of public life. The country has over 1.15 billion phones and more than 700 million internet users, and this number is growing. There is greater and easy access to financial services even for rural populations. Missions like Make in India and Digital India are creating a positive ripple effect across the economy. Both the private sector and government agencies now provide digital service delivery mechanisms, creating a synergy of efforts. read more

Climate Change, the convenient culprit

cc 2 Courtesy: Shutterstock

Unusual rains or snow? Flooding? Drought? It seems that climate change alone is to blame for any anomaly taking place anywhere in the world, be it hydrometeorological or anthropogenic. It’s a convenient culprit for besieged leaders seeking to escape responsibility towards their citizens, and it undermines the scientific evidence of climate change. read more


Analysing India’s Economic Security Challenges

Low global commodity prices, strong FDI inflows, and sustained growth have boosted the Indian economy in the preceding decade. This favourable economic climate, however, was disrupted by the pandemic and the crisis in Ukraine, exposing vulnerabilities in the global economic system. This paper focuses on India’s economic security challenges, particularly in six sectors - Food, Energy, Finance, Data, Space & Undersea Cables and Critical Minerals - and suggests possible courses of action.

Foreign Affairs

The New Nuclear Age

China’s expansionist nuclear programme aims to bolster its capabilities, so much so, that Beijing's predictions boast 2500 new warheads by 2030, thus rivalling the American and Russian arsenals. As the dragon quadruples its nuclear propensity, heralding the world to something greatly unstable – a tripolar nuclear system; nuclear peace seems a quite convoluted goal.

Book Reviews

How China Sees India and the World

In his new book, former Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran demystifies China's imagined belief of itself as the Middle Kingdom. Contemporary China's propensity to cut and paste history has resulted in China's resentment of India based on a limited understanding of Indian history and of China's past recognition of India as an advanced civilisation which impacted Chinese culture. Today the West recognises India's potential to match China, with depth and skills, over the long term.

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