Philippine peace Courtesy: khabrsoutheastasia
8 January 2015

War and Peace

The Islamic State’s violence dominated 2014’s news headlines, masking important non-violent initiatives around the world. But endeavors for peaceful solutions are thriving, and India, with its legacy of a non-violent freedom struggle, must contribute to this process as a counter-force against the advocates of violence

Chinese ship Courtesy:
24 July 2014

The danger zone in naval arms races

China's aggressiveness in the South China Sea makes sense as a weaker or an unsure power will strike earlier if an unfavourable situation is only likely to get worse. It gets the best deal it can under the circumstances. The question is what are the other countries and the U.S. prepared to do to exit the danger zone?

Courtesy: mckaysavage/Flickr
25 September 2011

Census findings point to decade of rural distress

For the first time in a century, India’s growth in its urban population exceeded that of in its rural population. On average, close to 2,000 people per day migrate to urban areas. However, millions are trapped in ‘footloose’ migrations, without any clear final destination in terms of their employment.