TCS Chennai office Courtesy:
15 January 2015

Uruguayan touch to Indian tech

Even though the India-Latin America relationship is yet to realise its potential, there are unique initiatives bridging this gap. The landmark office of Tata Consultancy Services in Chennai, hailed for its energy efficiency, has been designed by two Uruguayan architects—an effort which represents the growing synergy

LatinAmerica2014 Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
14 January 2014

Latin America: Looking ahead to 2014

The death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, election of President Michelle Bachelet in Chile, reforms in Mexico and the legalisation of cannabis in Uruguay have implications for the Latin American region. Gateway House examines how these will shape the region’s politics and economy in the coming years

The other BRIC in Latin America: India Courtesy: PMO
5 May 2011

The other BRIC in Latin America: India

The potential for growth between India and Latin America is immense, now more than ever, as Indo-Latin trade reaches $20 billion in 2010, and Indian companies in the region employ more than 35,000 Latin Americans. Will India be able to overcome mental hurdles to cooperate further with this effervescent region?

Systems overload Courtesy: TomasCastelazo/Flickr
1 December 2010

Systems overload: Drug laws and prisons in Latin America

Drug legislation in Latin America hasn't reduced drug related crimes; it has only made prisons overflow. A major change in the approach to this issue is required. The very psychology of drug usage should be reviewed and tackled accordingly.