Official US Navy Imagery Flickr 210 140 Courtesy: Official US Navy Seals Imagery/ Flickr
23 July 2013

The Philippines’ Search for Strategic Partners

Growing tensions in East Asia have compelled Philippines to extend its bilateral ties with regional powers like Japan and Australia to strategic levels.This is being widely perceived as an attempt to keep the risk of military confrontation with China to a bare minimum.

U.S.-Afghanistan agreement: A welcome start Courtesy: U.S. Department of Defense
27 April 2012

U.S.-Afghanistan agreement: A welcome start

An important take-away from the preliminary pact reached by Kabul and Washington is that unlike the 1990s, the Americans are not just packing their bags and leaving. This is good news in terms of regional stability, and the upcoming NATO summit may answer some questions this draft agreement raises.

UN Devra Berkowitz_5 Courtesy: UN Photos/Devra Berkowitz
11 November 2010

A Moment for UN Security Council Reform

None of US President Barack Obama's diplomatic gestures were more welcomed than his endorsement of India's bid for a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council. Is the UNSC ready for its much-needed expansion?