After coup nightly demonstartion of president Erdogan supporters. Istanbul, Turkey, Eastern Europe and Western Asia. 22 July,2016 Courtesy: Wikipedia
14 April 2017

How is Turkey to be governed?

Referendums are a way of mobilising society and bringing in exceptional change. Turkey’s third constitutional referendum in the last 10 years, being held on Sunday, April 16, is the greatest of them in many respects as it puts the country on uncharted waters, having it move from one unbalanced system to another

GH_5050-3-page-001 (1) Courtesy: Gateway House
22 December 2016

The year of the close vote: a 50:50 world

The year 2016 is the year of the divided electorate, so close were some of the election outcomes. Deep divisions lurk within voters coming from ostensibly “liberal” political cultures. The trend looks set to continue in the elections that will be fought in dozens of countries in 2017, where the votes could also be divided. Gateway House analyses these results through this infographic

UK elections Courtesy: Getty images
6 May 2015

UK elections: the Scottish conundrum

In the exceptionally divisive general election on May 7 in the UK, no party is expected to win a majority. Smaller parties like the SNP are fragmenting votes and another coalition may emerge, or the Conservatives-Liberal Democrats or Labour may seek outside support. With the Scotland issue adding to the divisiveness, the post-poll scenario is precarious

okinawa Courtesy: nakimusi/Flickr
24 July 2013

Okinawa: the Scotland of Asia?

Some Okinawans feel they are in line for a shot at self-determination. However, China’s rise, and renewed speculation about Okinawa’s status in the Chinese media, has made Okinawa’s breakaway even less likely than before. Will Chinese interest help or hinder their cause?

The chess game in Egypt Courtesy: Cyfraw/WikimediaCommons
2 January 2013

The chess game in Egypt

Despite heavy opposition from several factions, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s propositions for altering the constitution have been approved. Although the alterations have democratic elements, the liberals and secularists bear responsibility in taking forward Egypt’s journey to complete democracy.

How to keep Britain in the EU Courtesy: ell brown/Flickr
26 March 2012

How to keep Britain in the EU

At a time when some governments are pushing for a more integrated European Union, the British are becoming more euro-skeptic. This contradiction increases the likelihood of Britain eventually leaving the EU – an outcome that, if current trends continue, is thoroughly plausible.