Favela @Doug88888 flickr Courtesy: @Doug88888
10 October 2013

Brazil: In the yellow zone

Gateway House’s Akshay Mathur recently visited Brazil to attend a BRICS-themed conference, organised by the National Association of Research and Graduate Programs in the Social Sciences. In this blog, he writes about his first impressions of the country and the similarities between India and Brazil that he observed.

Yassin Brazil protests Courtesy: Yassin/Flickr
12 September 2013

Why are the Brazilians protesting?

Brazil, despite the presence of good leadership, several consistent and successful development programs, and recording their lowest unemployment rate, witnessed widespread protests this June – triggers for which weren't conventional. What are the Brazilians protesting against, and what does it indicate?

magharebiaFlickr_0 Courtesy: magharebia/Flickr
13 December 2011

The Morocco model

Morocco's transition to a democracy has shown that it is possible to give political power to the people stably, and that political Islam can exist within a secular democratic system. The pro-democracy sentiment is driven not by a break from traditional Islamic politics, but by the economy and corruption.