david2 Courtesy: Prachi Bidaye/Gateway House
12 February 2014

India-Australia: Deepening the bilateral

Gateway House interviews David Brewster, Visiting Fellow, Strategic & Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, and Senior Visiting Fellow, Maritime Studies Programme, Gateway House, on his latest report, ‘The India-Australia Security Engagement: Opportunities and Challenges’

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30 October 2013

The India-Australia security engagement: Opportunities and challenges

This edition of Policy Perspectives discusses how the two leading maritime powers among Indian Ocean states, India and Australia – which will take over from India as Chair of the IOR-ARC at its ongoing meeting in Perth – can consolidate a strategic partnership that spans the Indo-Pacific

EURASIA REVIEW Courtesy: Eurasia Review
7 June 2013

India-Australia: Aligning Strategic Spheres – Analysis

Eurasia Review, a news and analysis website, republished Gateway House's Visiting Scholar David Brewster's article on Defence Minister A. K. Antony’s visit to Australia. He opines that the recently held India-Australia talks will have effective implications on managing maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region.

smith antony aus def min Courtesy: Australian Government Department of Defence
7 June 2013

India-Australia: Aligning strategic spheres

Defence Minister A. K. Antony’s visit to Australia this week was a significant step forward in the defence relationship. In coming years an India-Australia partnership will be important for managing maritime security in the Indian Ocean and will also have implications for security in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

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21 May 2013

Australia’s new region: the Indo-Pacific

The Australian Defence White Paper of 2013 adopted the concept of an ’Indo-Pacific’ strategic focus area which connects the Indian and Pacific Oceans through Southeast Asia. What are its implications for the geopolitics of the region?

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22 February 2013

India: Still at the Center of the Indian Ocean

In the recent months, New Delhi’s diplomacy in the Indian Ocean region has seen several upheavals. However, despite speculation to the contrary, why India is far from losing strategic influence in the Indian Ocean region?

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9 February 2013

Gwadar and the “String of Pearls”

Recently, China took over the role of managing Pakistan’s advantageously located Gwadar port from Singapore. Does this new development signal strategic implications for India, given that this move allows Beijing to complete ringfencing India from all sides?