Chinese_Fishing_Nets_Cochin Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
5 May 2017

Keeping maritime Asia on course

The Oceans Dialogue 2017, held last month in Thiruvananthapuram, devoted itself to aspects of ocean governance, such as security management, combating terrorism, depletion of marine resources and providing disaster relief, serving as a precursor to the UN General Assembly’s Ocean Conference in June

IORA photo Courtesy: Gateway House
2 March 2017

IORA summit: sharing commonalities

The two decade-old Indian Ocean Rim Association holds its first ever summit next week. Maritime safety and security in the region is a paramount concern as also enhanced trade, but will the Blue Economy be included as a priority? Another area of concern is devising modalities for cooperation with dialogue partners, such as the United States, China and Japan

20150529001138580386-minihighres-400x275 Courtesy: REUTERS/KIM KYUNG-HOON TPX
31 August 2015

India’s role in Asia may not fit ‘Indo-Pacific’ agenda

India will acquire strategic weight to function as a key player alongside Japan, USA and China in the Indo-Pacific Strategy. Where India chooses to accept or oppose China’s growing power and influence will be shaped by the costs and risks of opposing China and by anxieties about Beijing’s increasing strength and reach.

Modi signing register Courtesy: PMO/Government of India
28 May 2014

Narendra Modi: global perspectives

By inviting SAARC leaders to his swearing-in ceremony India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi has signaled a major shift in India’s foreign policy. Gateway House presents perspectives from experts from seven countries on the changes they expect to see in India’s foreign policy in the Modi era

NM Courtesy: World Economic Forum\ Wikimedia Commons
26 February 2014

A Foreign Policy for Mr. Modi

The importance of the international community for India’s trade, security and aid has accorded much importance to foreign policy discourse in India’s electoral scenario. Narendra Modi, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, must think on several interconnected factors that will affect the security and esteem of India

ind jap Courtesy: generalising/Flickr
6 November 2013

The new Indo-Pacific core

The India-Japan alliance needs to be viewed through a prism broader than that of "containing" China, and by treating the Indian and Pacific oceans as a single entity. Such an alliance has the potential to strengthen the geopolitical security of India and Japan, along with that of all their allies and associates

The New Triangular Diplomacy: India, China and America at Sea Courtesy: U.S. Navy
5 November 2012

The New Triangular Diplomacy: India, China and America at Sea

As China and India rise as naval powers, Beijing and Delhi would like to project power beyond their territorial waters — to secure the increasingly dispersed interests of their nations. However, the outcomes of their efforts in the Indo-Pacific region will be defined by their interaction with the U.S.