healthcare in africa article Courtesy: Flickr/U.S. Army Africa
15 December 2016

Healthcare in Africa, built by India

New Delhi now has the capacity to move beyond the basics of economic diplomacy by using the strengths of India's private sector in healthcare. Africa would welcome such an initiative, which will improve the health and development capabilities of African countries. This will also serve India’s geopolitical objectives and can precede a similar healthcare rollout to other regions

For Better Planning, Watch Global Demographic Trends Courtesy: US Navy/Wikimedia Commons
12 December 2012

For Better Planning, Watch Global Demographic Trends

Demography statistics indicate that in the coming decades, there’ll be a population surge in less developed countries, while developed nations will contribute most to the world’s GDP. This trend necessitates the urgency for implementing targeted policies in healthcare, education, etc. to address the imbalances.

Time to overhaul African healthcare Courtesy: World Economic Forum/Flickr
5 September 2012

Time to overhaul African healthcare

The propensity of Africa’s leaders to seek medical treatment abroad illustrates the little faith they have in their own healthcare systems. Given how countless Africans don’t have the resources to follow their leaders’ steps, there should be increased political will to make affordable healthcare available at home.