Biden Manmohan MEA Courtesy: Ministry of External Affairs, India
26 July 2013

Collision Course

The U.S. and India are headed for a trade war over immigration and protectionism. Leaders both countries find themselves at a critical moment, and must decide whether they will make the relationship into a truly strategic partnership or allow it to deteriorate into a welter of finger pointing.

latvia Courtesy: Courtesy: Philaweb/WikimediaCommons
5 April 2013

Latvia: Economic miracle or mangled economy?

Subsequent to the global financial crises of 2007, while several countries were still struggling with economic problems, Latvia managed to dramatically decrease its public debt, and its GDP too grew at an impressive pace. How was this success achieved and at what cost to the people of the country?

India’s foreign policy: A year in review Courtesy: Shwkyn231/Flickr
31 December 2012

India’s foreign policy: A year in review

The year 2012 has been a busy one for foreign policy: from escalating disputes in the South China Sea to alternate financial instruments from the emerging world. India’s foreign policy too has its shown strengths and weaknesses. We present our top foreign policy Hotspots, Sweet spots and Blind spots for 2012.