Merkel Modi Courtesy: MEA / Flickr
15 October 2015

Moving ahead after Merkel’s visit

German Chancellor Merkel’s recent visit to India with a high-powered entourage showed the weight attached to this bilateral relationship. German companies want to gain more access to the Indian market and be part of Prime Minister Modi’s high-tech initiatives—and it is up to India to surmount political hurdles and tap into this potential.

Hannover messe Courtesy: Hannover Messe.de
9 April 2015

Make German Mittelstand in India

Germany’s Mittelstand or medium and small companies are the heart beat of Germany’s successful economy. They will be showcased at the Hannover Fair, which Prime Minister Modi will inaugurate on April 12. It can be the perfect blueprint for his Make in India effort.

ukraine Courtesy: Google Maps
7 March 2014

‘Ukraine may split into two countries’

Neelam Deo, Director, Gateway House, talks about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and its possible outcomes. In this interview, she also discusses the issues at stake for Russia and the West, the credibility of assertions made by both sides, the EU’s interests in the region, and how India should respond

merkey steinbruck Courtesy: WikimediaCommons
6 September 2013

What does Germany want?

German foreign policy can be described as one anchored in the European and NATO alliance while being the economic centre of Europe. Yet, any government that comes in after the September 22 elections will be challenged by rapid developments in West Asia and elsewhere in a politically and economically turbulent world

international business times Courtesy: International Business Times
15 June 2012

Rio+20 Earth Summit Facing Deadlock, Delegates Walk Out Of ‘Green Economy’ Talks

Gateway House researcher Estefanía Marchán was quoted in an article by International Business Times on the reluctance of the rich nations in funding environment projects and transferring technology that would help achieve the goal of sustainable development, at the Rio+20 conference in Brazil.

EU austerity: room to wiggle Courtesy: PIAZZA del POPOLO/Flickr
24 May 2012

EU austerity: room to wiggle

Momentous developments are taking place in Europe. In elections in Greece, France and Germany, Europeans expressed dissent against austerity policies adopted by their government to combat the economic crisis in Europe. How will these results affect the future of European policy-making?

Myth of equality at an end Courtesy: Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας/Flickr
17 January 2012

Myth of equality at an end

Whether it’s the planned European treaty, the Standard & Poor downgrade of nine Eurozone states or reprimands issued to Hungary, recent events in the EU have highlighted how powerful countries are now imposing their law on their smaller neighbours. Polish columnist Jacek Żkowski aims to set the record straight.