Mathai: Great expectations Courtesy: MEDEF/WikimediaCommons
5 September 2011

Mathai: Great expectations

The new Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai, armed with professional experience and insight, has promises to keep. Whether the present dialogue with Pakistan is described as ‘composite’ or otherwise, Mathai appears determined to keep it substantive.

Courtesy: United States Navy/WikimediaCommons
3 August 2011

Strategic Security Brief: The Uncertain Future of US Aid to Pakistan

Pakistan's future hinges to heavily on United States aid and support. Policy makers in Islamabad need to be making an effort to prevent being internationally isolated and dependent on the decisions of United States policy.

Winning the peace Courtesy: AndréPerron/WikimediaCommons
15 July 2011

Winning the peace

After 30 years of war, Sri Lanka’s Tamil community is finally connected again with the outside world. But peacetime has its own tensions -- and renewed conflict is always a possibility.