NOAA-North Pole Courtesy: Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory/Wikimedia Commons
28 February 2014

Asian Giants Look to the Arctic

The race to secure future energy needs has moved to the North Pole with Beijing and New Delhi building up their presence in the resource rich Arctic region. The necessity for both to have a stronger presence in the Arctic stems from their need to diversify energy supply lines and reduce reliance on Middle East oil

halifax Courtesy: Sameer Patil/Gateway House
25 November 2013

Halifax Security Forum

The Halifax International Security Forum, which began in 2009, hosted its fifth annual event on November 22. Gateway House’s Associate Fellow Sameer Patil, who is participating in the Forum, blogs about his impressions of the discussions, dialogues and sentiments of the participants at the event.

deep sea mining by gnews pics Courtesy: Gnews pics/Flickr
30 August 2013

The Deep Sea Resources Rush

Advancing mining technologies are making the prospect of exploiting seafloor minerals—gold, copper, zinc, cobalt and rare earth elements – not only possible but also imminent, with commercial licenses to be granted by the International Seabed Authority from 2016. But do we really understand the potential impact?

Arctic duncan c flickr Courtesy: Duncan C/Flickr
26 August 2013

Asia Eyes The Arctic

The admission this year of six new permanent observers to the Arctic Council was a pivotal moment, in more ways than one. How has the Council, by committing the major Asian economies to playing by its set of rules, achieved a major watershed in the wider battle of ideas in, and over, the Arctic?

arcticimg Courtesy: NASA Goddard Photo and Video/flickr
17 May 2013

The Growing Importance of the Arctic Council

Recently, the Arctic Council granted an observer member status to six new countries-China, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. However, with national Arctic strategies still being defined, will the Council be able to establish itself as a central decision-making body regarding Arctic matters?

rsz_for-asi-chi-0008-stock Courtesy: White House Photo/Pete Souza
15 August 2011

Build, Hold, and Clear: An American Strategy for Asia

The article discusses the strategy that must be adopted by the U.S. to continue its influential hold over the Asia-Pacific region. Military and economic factors should be exploited by the U.S. to create a stable Asia-Pacific region.