Bahrain gas stations Courtesy:
6 August 2015

Cheap oil is costing West Asia

The oil-rich GCC countries are starting to show signs of financial stress maintaining high defense and social spending while the price of oil remains low

brent2 Courtesy: FadderUri/Flickr
17 December 2013

Reassessing Brent benchmark for crude oil

The allegations against several oil companies and price reporting agencies like Platts have raised concerns about the credibility of the global oil benchmarking architecture. While there is a need for corrections to the existing structure, the time is right for BRICS to develop alternate options

A problematic discourse: who speaks for Arab women? Courtesy: Al Jazeera English/Wikimedia Commons
17 December 2012

A problematic discourse: who speaks for Arab women?

An artificial moral panic over the fate of Arab women runs the risk of reinstating gender and class markings in the Arab World. It’s therefore necessary to recognise the radical social shifts towards the genuine unorganised local groupings in these countries, to promote engagement with the global south.

West and Wahabi vs. Shia Courtesy: Al Jazeera English/Flickr
24 February 2012

West and Wahabi vs. Shia

The author outlines the partnership between NATO and Wahhabi extremists, and how the West assisted in an armed Sunni movement, which has spread to many countries in West Asia. Consequently, the Shia population suffers from serious discrimination at the hands of Wahabbi.

A significant election in Kuwait Courtesy: Steve & Jem Copley/WikimediaCommons
30 January 2012

A significant election in Kuwait

The upcoming Kuwaiti elections will take place in the backdrop of a new wave of political reform, triggered by the Arab Spring. If Kuwait's Emir, Sabah Al-Sabah, proactively implements the debated changes, he can ensure that Kuwait remains in the vanguard of the Arab world.