neelam pirate party Courtesy: Delhiiterock/WikimediaCommons
13 November 2013

The rise of the anti-party party

The debut of the Aam Aadmi Party must not cloud the reality that even after a movement transitions into a party, it still has to play the game of hard politics. Anti-party parties such as the AAP make coalition-building more difficult, as was recently evident in Germany and Italy, and is now the scenario in Delhi

EU Albania Nomad Tales Courtesy: Nomad Tales/Flickr
22 July 2013

The “Albanian Question” – The Turn in Tirana

Without a realistic prospect of an EU membership soon, Albanian nationalism could gain an upper hand, resulting in chaos in south-eastern Europe. Why must the EU, despite having lesser influence on the region than the U.S., initiate accession negotiations with all countries in the region willing to join the union?

space Courtesy: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center/Flickr
28 June 2013

Mining and industry in space?

An increase in the global demand for rare earth elements, used in high-technology industries, coupled with limited supplies on Earth, has accelerated extra-terrestrial exploration. International cooperation and competition for these space-based resources will determine the next human footprint and race in space.