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1 March 2009

Australia’s diplomatic deficit: Reinvesting in our instruments of international policy

A Blue Ribbon Panel was created to review the state of the Australia's instruments of international policy. The report finds that Australia's diplomatic service is overstretched and hollowed out. The finding and recommendation of the report devises ways to improve Australia's diplomatic infrastructure.

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1 March 2009

Trade Policy in the BRIICS: A crisis ttocktake and looking ahead

A report of trade policy in BRIICS (including Indonesia as well) brings up many questions. How big is the rise of protectionism in the BRIICS? How can it be contained? How necessary is further reform of their trade and FDI regimes? What are the links between external liberalisation and domestic regulatory reform?

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1 January 2008

Globalisation and the political economy of trade liberalisation in the BRIICS

This paper compares the BRIICS (including Indonesia as well) to show how politics and institutions interacted with economic conditions, and shaped the relative success or otherwise of trade-policy reforms. It also sheds light on the prospects for further external liberalisation and associated regulatory reform.