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5 December 2011

Why the New “Emphasis on Asia” in U.S. Policy?

A United States pivoting towards being a 'Pacific Country' means less attention on the Middle East, raised tensions with China and the potential trampling of the economic systems of democratic allies in the region for its own gain with tariffs and trade regulation.

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29 November 2011

Will religious tolerance in Indonesia continue?

While recent developments in Indonesia indicate that religious tolerance is waning, it has not yet entered the danger zone. The tangible improvements in relations between Christians and mainstream Muslims are the strongest guarantee for the future of religious tolerance and social order in Indonesia.

15 November 2011

Meera H Sanyal

Meera, is the Chairperson and Country Executive of RBS N.V., India leading over 12,000 employees across 24 cities in India. In her banking career spanning 27 years, she has worked with the bank for 20 years, in senior roles as Read more

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13 November 2011

Drowning in the kingdom’s political divide

Thailand's domestic politics have become dirtier and more polarized in the wake of recent flooding as multiple political parties attempt to maintain or take power. Thailand will surely make infrastructure changes to prevent future floods, but can it get politics out of water management?

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1 November 2011

Is Indonesia Bound for the BRICs?

As Indonesia hosts a number of high-level summits this year, it looks set to take its place among the world’s economic superstars. But celebrations are premature: although Indonesia has made great strides, its gains are reversible. To continue to prosper, Jakarta must address rampant corruption and poor governance