Julia gillard 2.jpg final Courtesy: Prime Minister's office
30 December 2011

India, Australia and Uranium: What after the ‘labor’ pains?

This article journeys the narrative surrounding the decision to identify three issues: How did the Labor Party build up a rhetoric that supports uranium sales to India? Can the decision point to Indo-Australian rapprochement just yet? What formalities are expected to follow from the decision?

2011’s Top Foreign Policy Cheers and Jeers Courtesy: nazeah/Wikimediacommons - Ramesh Lalwani/Flickr
30 December 2011

2011’s Top Foreign Policy Cheers and Jeers

The year 2011 saw various events - the Arab Spring, anti- corruption protests, Europe's sovereign debt crisis - transform countries and reshape the world order. Gateway House takes a look at what these events mean for India, and presents India's top foreign policy cheers and jeers for the year.

parag Courtesy: Gateway House
21 December 2011

India is too emotional, says world’s top analyst

Parag Khanna, a senior research fellow at the New America Foundation and European Council on Foreign Relations, says Indians should focus on India, not compete with China. In this interview, he talks about the lokpal bill, the economy and global capitalism.

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
13 December 2011

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Amidst myriad country groupings that already exist – BRICS, IBSA, APEC, SCO and many others – a new initiative in the Pacific is looking to integrate more powerful countries to form a multilateral free trade agreement – the Trans Pacific Partnership. How important is this towards the reshaping of trade and power?

Flag of Myanmar.png final Courtesy: Open Clip Art/ Wikimedia Commons
13 December 2011

Strategic power play in Myanmar

Normalization of the US - Myanmar relationship could usher in irreversible changes in the strategic environment of not only Myanmar, but also in the region. It means entry of global players - challenging China's presence in Southeast Asia.

Obama_USGovernmentWorkFlickr Courtesy: USGovernementWork/Flickr
5 December 2011

Why the New “Emphasis on Asia” in U.S. Policy?

A United States pivoting towards being a 'Pacific Country' means less attention on the Middle East, raised tensions with China and the potential trampling of the economic systems of democratic allies in the region for its own gain with tariffs and trade regulation.

indonesia flag.jpg final Courtesy: Yan Arief Purwanto / Flickr
29 November 2011

Will religious tolerance in Indonesia continue?

While recent developments in Indonesia indicate that religious tolerance is waning, it has not yet entered the danger zone. The tangible improvements in relations between Christians and mainstream Muslims are the strongest guarantee for the future of religious tolerance and social order in Indonesia.