B20 in G20 Courtesy: b20coalition.org
26 February 2015

Reconfiguring the role of business in G20

The B20 forum has become an important advisor to the G20, bridging the gap between business and foreign policy. Its effectiveness will depend on whether it can emerge as a solutions provider for the G20 and not just an advocacy forum. Indian business can play a vital role in shaping this mandate

flags of the world Courtesy: Horia Varlan/Flickr
27 December 2013

2014: Geopolitical star-gazing

As 2013 draws to a close, Gateway House examines the tumultous year and the significant developments that affected foreign policy globally. Below is our geopolitical forecast for 2014

bigbirdz flickr Courtesy: bigbirdz/Flickr
14 August 2013

Liberalism as enlightened capitalism

We cannot have the ‘cowboy capitalism’ that almost brought down the world financial system in 2008, or the abdication of accountability by government institutions. Instead, both the private sector and the government must equally do their parts to create an equitable India to sustain economic growth for generations

Unlogo Courtesy: United Nations
1 January 2012

World Economic Situation and Prospects 2012

For developed countries, the United Nations cautions against fiscal austerity, calls for additional short-term stimulus spending, a redesigning of fiscal and economic policy to promote structural growth and suggests ensuring sufficient resources are made available for developing countries.

parag Courtesy: Gateway House
21 December 2011

India is too emotional, says world’s top analyst

Parag Khanna, a senior research fellow at the New America Foundation and European Council on Foreign Relations, says Indians should focus on India, not compete with China. In this interview, he talks about the lokpal bill, the economy and global capitalism.

BRICS: Convergence or dissonance? Courtesy: dilmarousseff/Flickr
6 June 2011

BRICS: Convergence or dissonance?

As Europe stands united in its support for France's Finance Minister Christine Lagarde as a candidate to head the International Monetary Fund, many have begun to question if BRICS is truly an effective and united bloc. Will they be able to put forth a candidate all emerging countries can support?