GH_5050-3-page-001 (1) Courtesy: Gateway House
22 December 2016

The year of the close vote: a 50:50 world

The year 2016 is the year of the divided electorate, so close were some of the election outcomes. Deep divisions lurk within voters coming from ostensibly “liberal” political cultures. The trend looks set to continue in the elections that will be fought in dozens of countries in 2017, where the votes could also be divided. Gateway House analyses these results through this infographic

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12 May 2016

India’s Act East Policy so far and beyond

In two years, the Modi government’s Act East Policy has gone well beyond the focus on economic ties of its predecessor, the Look East Policy. It has made progress on many wider fronts, including connectivity and defence collaboration. India must now build on this success and further consolidate relations and trade links with ASEAN and beyond

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26 November 2015

TPP & ISDS: new tests for India

The U.S.-driven Trans Pacific Partnership agreement between 12 countries, which is aiming to become the new standard of world trade, impacts domestic systems globally. For India, it will skew investment and intellectual property rights, and especially the debate over the Investor State Dispute System which allows companies to challenge sovereign rights and public policy.

wikipedia commons Courtesy: Wikipedia Commons
15 September 2015

AUSINDEX: A Sign Of Growing India-Australia Defence Ties

India and Australia are holding their first bilateral naval exercise (AUSINDEX) this month off the Visakhapatnam Port in the Bay of Bengal. This growing security and defense cooperation between the two countries is indicative of the their common vision on China, regional and global security.

image Courtesy: Sek Keung Lo / Flickr
25 August 2015

Putin’s pivot: The Russians are coming to Asia

Russia is betting that the 21st century belongs to Asia, and Putin has made his Asian tilt. It is actively engaging with China, India and other Southeast Asian nations to give substance to its Indo-Pacific policy and make its presence felt. How much will it matter to Australia?

B20 in G20 Courtesy:
26 February 2015

Reconfiguring the role of business in G20

The B20 forum has become an important advisor to the G20, bridging the gap between business and foreign policy. Its effectiveness will depend on whether it can emerge as a solutions provider for the G20 and not just an advocacy forum. Indian business can play a vital role in shaping this mandate