Framework for Enhanced Cooperation Courtesy: PMO
25 May 2011

Second Africa-India Forum Summit 2011: Africa-India Framework for Enhanced Cooperation

Africa and India have agreed to continue their cooperation primarily by expanding their economic and political relations. They will also continue cooperating on technology, social development, health, culture and infrastructure to name a few.

Addis Ababa Declaration Courtesy: PMO
25 May 2011

Second Africa-India Forum Summit 2011: Addis Ababa Declaration

African and Indian leaders met to review their progress on the Delhi Declaration and associated Framework of Cooperation. They further cemented their relations with the Addis Ababa declaration and vowed to continue dialogue and enhance their cooperation through the Framework for enhanced cooperation.

India-Africa conclave:Creating possibilities Courtesy: PMO
24 May 2011

India-Africa conclave:Creating possibilities

The India-Africa Conclave and other such platforms of interaction have played a pivotal role in engaging Africa with India’s growth story. Various Indian investments in agriculture and infrastructure, totalling over $20 billion, are soon to boost Africa's economies.

rsz_2189674815_db01e03fb6 Courtesy: Omer Wazir /Flickr
29 April 2011

Islamabad Dialogue: Report of proceedings

This conference report gives the proceedings and resolutions of representatives from India and Pakistan. The peace process, the impact of terrorism on Indo-Pak ties, the issue of Kashmir and the role that the media can play in mediating the relationship between India and Pakistan are discussed.