indiaAfricalLogo Courtesy: India Africa Forum Summit 2015
7 July 2016

India-Africa ties: pitching higher

Prime Minister Modi’s tour of four African countries will seek to build upon recent high-level visits to the continent, providing fresh impetus for the reinforcement of India-Africa relations in matters of diplomacy, business, security, and energy while putting to rest criticism of India’s visibility deficit in Africa. However, the onus to harness this momentum now lies with other stakeholders.

west asia W123 Wikimedia Courtesy: W123/WikimediaCommons
6 December 2013

Orienting to the new West Asia

Whether backdoor geopolitics rather than careful negotiations brought about the interim agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme, the next six months will determine its fate. Reactions have ranged from a furious and mistrustful Israel to collective relief by many countries, and a worried India welcoming the agreement

mugabe governmentZA flickr Courtesy: GovernmentZA/Flickr
7 August 2013

Zimbabwe: The road to stability?

The ZANU-PF party’s recent victory in the elections in Zimbabwe is fraught with allegations of manipulation. Reactions have varied, but South African President Jacob Zuma has endorsed the outcome. How will Mugabe’s re-election impact relations with South Africa? What will be the impact on Zimbabwe’s economy?

LA Phot Dave Jenkins wikimedia commons Courtesy: LA(Phot) Dave Jenkins/Wikimedia Commons
30 July 2013

Understanding Somali Piracy on Land and Sea

This year, Somalia witnessed a considerable decline in the number of pirate attacks. Although international navies had a commendable role to play in this outcome, the efforts of policy makers and mainstream media in addressing the root cause of piracy have been much greater.

corridorsmap2 Courtesy: Gateway House
11 July 2013

Asia’s Strategic Corridors to India

The map – Asia’s Strategic Corridors to India – has emerged from Gateway House’s study of India’s strategic links with other parts of Asia. It highlights the progress India has made in forging multiple links with six strategic regions – Central Asia, West Asia, East Africa, South-East Asia, East Asia, and our immediate neighbourhood

A problematic discourse: who speaks for Arab women? Courtesy: Al Jazeera English/Wikimedia Commons
17 December 2012

A problematic discourse: who speaks for Arab women?

An artificial moral panic over the fate of Arab women runs the risk of reinstating gender and class markings in the Arab World. It’s therefore necessary to recognise the radical social shifts towards the genuine unorganised local groupings in these countries, to promote engagement with the global south.