Nuclear energy hurting balance sheets

Japanese technology giant Toshiba is sinking into a financial morass due to its near bankrupt nuclear power business, Westinghouse. India must recognise the new reality that nuclear energy is no longer financially viable

HK’s next CEO: uncertain outcomes

The 26 March 2017 election of the chief executive of Hong Kong is the first since the failure of the 2014 political reform package. It is partly unique because of who is not running, namely current chief executive CY Leung, who has incurred his share of unpopularity. Who will be the victor?

Bilateralism: a new Bretton Woods order?

Trump’s pronouncements about his intentions to challenge the direction and substance of America’s post World War II global ‘liberal’ order---terming institutions, like NATO, obsolete and pulling out of trade agreements, like TPP---reveal a preference for political-style deal making

Can Tillerson reset U.S.-Russia ties?

Rex Tillerson, Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil and Donald Trump’s pick as U.S. Secretary of State, has had a long and fruitful working relationship with Russia. His experience could lubricate US-Russia relations, a development that can only benefit energy buyers like India

The passing of a ‘people’s king’

The seven decade-reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, who passed away last month, was rich with event. There were coups, but economic development too, with the skilful leader managing to hold the nation together

Independent oil firms: a fresh spurt?

The Indian oil industry is changing. The recent bidding for Discovered Small Fields saw the emergence of small, independent oil explorers in a country that has been dominated by state-owned companies and only a few private sector firms

What’s wrong with Europe?

The Forum 2000 conference in Prague last week was an occasion to reflect on the challenges facing democracy in an economically globalised, but socially fragmented, West.

U.S. Elections: questioning the status quo

This edited excerpt was transcribed from The Gateway House Podcast episode 'U.S. Elections: assessing its wider impact' which is a part of the special mini-series on the U.S. elections and its foreign policy implications. In this episode, Ambassador Deo talks about the wider impact that the elections will have on the race for the U.S. Congress and Senate, on American society, and on global political discourse.

U.S. Elections: shifting geopolitics for West Asia

This excerpt was transcribed from The Gateway House Podcast episode, 'U.S. Elections: Trump’s down but not out' which is part of the special miniseries on the U.S. election and its foreign policy implications. In the episode, Ambassador Neelam Deo discussed the larger foreign policy implications mentioned by the presidential candidates at the second Presidential debate on Sunday night