Can soft diplomacy bridge the India-China divide?

On 12 February, the Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S), the Press Institute of India and the Centre for Public Policy Research, hosted a conference on ‘Enhancing India-China People-to-People Relations’ to explore ways student exchanges, language studies, the arts, think tanks and academia might increase people-to-people interactions and circulations between the two nations

A Think20 rendezvous in Buenos Aires

Think20, the official sub-forum of the G20 for think tanks with expertise in global economic governance, launched the research agenda for 2018 in Buenos Aires to support Argentina’s priorities for the year

Introspecting trans-Atlantic alliance at Halifax

The Halifax International Security Forum offered western policy makers and strategic analysts a chance to reflect on the state of the trans-Atlantic security alliance, especially with the United States under the Trump administration, its relations with Russia, and China’s peaking global ambitions

Expanding India’s engagement with IOR

India must deepen its involvement with countries of the Indian Ocean Region on issues of security, commerce, and connectivity: this was the upshot of the second Indian Ocean Conference, held by the India Foundation in Colombo two weeks ago

India, Argentina at the startup forefront

Mumbai and Buenos Aires are cities with a shared history of trading, business and entrepreneurship. The parallels are becoming more apparent now, with Buenos Aires expanding the ecosystem of support for business in innovative ways

Heritage on the brand wagon

One of the conclusions drawn from a recent panel discussion, co-hosted by Gateway House and Avid Learning, on how brands are helping promote heritage conservation, moderated by Sifra Lentin, Mumbai History Fellow, was that there is an urgent need to preserve Mumbai’s natural and built heritage to meet the Maharashtra government’s target--the year 2020--for inaugurating the international financial centre at Bandra-Kurla Complex. Here is a summary of the concerns that the panellists raised

BRICS inching towards complementarity

A conference of the BRICS 2017 Think Tank Forum, held in Beijing recently, showed that the grouping had progressed in influencing global governance despite some persistent intra-member differences

Qatar: a Saudi-Iran battlefield?

Saudi Arabia and its allies have broken off diplomatic ties with Qatar, but Iran may be their real target, a possibility reinforced by some recently leaked emails from a UAE diplomat